'Creating A Colourful Life' is a project designed to raise awareness about science, by exploring the science of colour, and in particular pigments. This website is designed to give detailed information about the Creating A Colourful Life project, showcase photographs of our past events, provide resources for teachers, as well as explaining some of the fun pigment science we have been involved with. The Creating A Colourful Life team have also designed some simple science experiments you can try at home based around pigments. If you just want to see some science in action we also have a collection of videos of some of our smart pigments.

Art meets science

The website is split into 6 sections, and can be navigated by exploring the links at the top of every page. To return to this homepage, use the link in the top left corner of the screen. We have also created a site index.

Pottery painting - Creating A Colourful Life

The about us section contains more information about the project, and what we do. We have a worksheets section, which allows you to view the experiments we use. The about us section also contains feedback from people who have attended our events in the past. To view our photographs and murals visit this section, as well as to find out about future and past events.

The experiments section lists a range of experiments you can try at home. Why not make your own Egg Tempera paint, or maybe you would prefer to learn how to write invisible messages which your friends can reveal.

The about colour explores the science behind the colours all around us. In this section you can also learn about the history of colour, from the caveman to the modern day. In the world of colour section you can learn about how we use colour in a wide range of applications. The future of colour examines modern advances in pigment science and how they might influence our lives, for example photochromic and thermochromic pigments. Finally in this section is our colour chart, which gives detailed information about a massive range of coloured pigments.

Creating A Colourful Life Team

The resources section contains videos showing off some of our smart pigments, as well as murals being painted at high speed! Also in this section are information sheets to download about the project. If you are a teacher looking for science lesson plans based around pigment science then click here.

The photos section is just that - all our photos!!!

Finally, our information section provides details about contacting us as well as information about the people involved in the project. You can also find out about our sponsors and suppliers.

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