Demonstrator and pupil enjoying a science event
"I, my wife, and children had a super day, and learnt loads. There was always something interesting to do and to listen to. We learnt the difference between a dye and a pigment, introduced the children to chromatography, titrations, how colour was developed through the ages, different type of solvent (including ear wax) and came away with several souvenirs."
Painting with glitter paint
"I would like to say thank you for a lovely day on Friday. We had a family of 6 attending, from Grannie in her 70s to my youngest who is 5, and all - even the hard to please teenagers - had a great time. Our guides were brilliant."
"It was very enjoyable. It was nice to learn and encourage science with my children. Thanks."
"I thought it was brilliant! Well done! And thank you for my enjoyable day."
"An excellent day, student guides were brilliant - difficult to improve."
"Thank you and your team for another entertaining day at Loughborough, lots of smiling faces and messy hands. The pencils the children received will be put to very good use over the summer holidays. Our first visit obviously left its mark with the children as Sean was about word perfect for the difference between a pigment and a dye, though Katherine did get a bit mixed up between ear wax and "snot"! (wrong orifice, bless) and the piggy banks are already in use."
"It was brilliant - don't change it!"
"I loved the whole day thank you."
"The activities were really exciting."
"I thought it was fun, well organised and I liked making and painting the murals. It was really well run and the demonstrators were helpful and informative."
"Really enjoyed the science aspect of the workshop."
"I would just like to say thank you on behalf of Adam for the art materials he received on Saturday morning, he was absolutely delighted when the post man called! He and his sister Samira have already spent a lot of time using them over the weekend.
Sami and Adam both enjoyed the day in your labs (as did I!), Sami in particular was won over. Being a 13 year old she thought the whole thing would be fairly dull but within the first few minutes she realised how wrong she was. They have both told all of their friends about the event and I've made sure colleagues in the Department know about it. The student guides were excellent, managing to connect with such a wide age range within a group is not easy but they made everyone welcome and made all of the experiments accessible to the youngest and oldest in the group.
Congratulations on a highly successful event and I hope your future events will be as well received!"
"Just to say a great big thank you from myself, Alfie and Ian White (grandad). We had an absolutely fantastic day on Saturday, I think its amazing you managed to hold the attention of such a varied group, from 5 to 60 in our case, its was very interesting, I certainly learnt a lot, but most of all it was great fun.
Your team were brilliant."
"The kids enjoyed participating, just need a bigger stand - you were very popular!"
"I enjoyed the painting as I am doing cave art as part of my GCSE course."
"Explanation about how you see colours - BRILLIANT!!"
"I thought that this was brilliant, with interesting facts and lots of fascinating people to explain them."
"Excellent, I would come again and again."
"Have longer for each workshop so that we can learn more and have more fun!!"
"It has increased my knowledge and understanding of how chemistry is widely applied to our everyday lives."
"Yes, I really enjoyed the talk today and I would consider taking Chemistry at University, as well as college, now."
"Although I thought that I may take physics, I am now considering Chemistry as well."
"I really enjoyed the day, and learning more about science. It has seriously made me think about taking science at University."
"Before, I never really thought about Chemistry much in my life. I am now much more aware of it."
"It taught me more about particles as I learn by doing, which I do not do much of at school."
"It was 11/10!"
"It was brilliant as it was. Thank you very much for today. This is the first time I have seen my class interested in a topic for more than 20 minutes! They are a very difficult group and I was able to seem them enjoying themselves, working together and getting on with each other. I will recommend you to other schools."
"Can you come more often please!?"
"Very useful and Educational"
"All the students were fully engaged having fun and learning by doing!! It has been a terrific day! Thanks very much."

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