On this page if further information about the people involved with the project, Professor Mark Weller, Dr Sandie Dann and Dr Russell Mayes.

Professor Mark Weller

Professor Mark Weller

Professor Mark Weller is Head of Materials and Structural Chemistry at the University of Southampton. He has over 15 years experience of research in the pigment's area with high levels of both EPSRC and industrial funding. Industrially funded projects have included studentships and Post-doctoral funding from Johnson-Matthey, Holliday Pigments, Merck and De La Rue. He has also been fortunate to receive considerable EPSRC funding during his research career over the last 19 years including, of most relevance to this project, Grant GR/R03877/01 on processing of ultramarine pigments in collaboration with Dr Sandie Dann and Grant GR/S98580/01 (Novel Photochromic materials for Security Marking). He has published and patented widely in the area.

As well as this research, Professor Weller has also undertaken considerable effort towards the dissemination of science at various levels. He has written a text book for undergraduates in the area of materials chemistry (Inorganic Materials Chemistry, OUP 1994) and is currently completing a major contribution towards the main undergraduate text in the field (4th Edition of "Inorganic Chemistry" - ex Shriver and Atkins OUP). He has also been keen to engage younger audiences in his area of science and has given University Open Day lectures for the past 3 years and in 2004 he gave a very well attended National Science Week lecture. He has also attended a two day course on "Meet the Scientist" in 2003. He has also made a number of voluntary contributions to the PPA funded grant of Dr Gill Reid "Materials Matter" GR/S22387.

You can find out more about Mark on his Southampton website.

Dr Sandie Dann

Dr Sandra Dann

Dr Sandie Dann is a Senior Lecturer in Inorganic Chemistry at Loughborough University. Since her independent career began in 1997, she has been successful in attracting considerable funds from the EPSRC, charities (Royal Society, Nuffield Foundation) and industry (e.g 3M, Advantica, Alcan International) and holds a patent in oxysulfide pigments with Johnson Matthey. Particular projects of relevance to this project include ‘Clean Synthesis of Ultramarine’ Nuffield Foundation 2000, ‘Preparation of New Environmentally Pigments’ Holliday Pigments 2000, ‘Processing of Ultramarine Pigments’ EPSRC GR/03877 2001 and ‘New Pigments Containing Non-Oxide Anions’ EPSRC/Johnson Matthey Case Award 2003.

Encouraging public interest in science has always been a notable part of Dr Dann‘s career. She has given schools talks nationally (Rugby (Rugby), St Barts (Kent), De Lisle (Loughborough) and Uppington (Melton Mowbray), presentations and demonstrations during National Science Week (‘Materials Girls’ De Montfort University), ‘The Science of Sparkle’ and ‘Sugar and Spice and All Things Nice’, (Snibston Discovery Park) and has written for Chemistry in Britain on topics such as ‘Old Rocks to New Materials’ and ‘Magnetism without Metals‘. Dr Dann was invited to write the book ‘Reactions and Characterisation of Solids’ by the RSC for the undergraduate Tutorial Text Series which was published in 2000. Dr Dann is a regular lecture, demonstration and interview contributor to the Leicester Taster Course and East Midlands Summer School Programme. In addition, she is an ever-present part of the Loughborough University Open Day programme and taster days for 11-14 year olds.

You can find out more about Sandie Dann on her Loughborough website

Dr Russell Mayes

Dr Russell Mayes

Dr Russell Mayes received a BSc degree in Chemistry and Sports Science from Loughborough University in 2003. During 2003-2006 he undertook a successful PhD programme at Loughborough University, where he investigated the fundamentals and applications of ceramic precursor films prepared by cathodically-induced precipitation.

Russell has always had a strong interest in communicating ideas to people. He is an LTA licensed tennis coach and has taught tennis to beginners as young as 4 as well as to adult team players. He has also been involved in communicating science to people with little science background and has regularly helped at open events and summer schools. Russell demonstrated physical chemistry at Loughborough University chemistry department, with students ranging from foundation year to final year.

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